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Living my ‘ful’ life

March 25, 2012

         Suddenly I have become so busy,busy by all means . My research, publications,course work,concept note, Eva’s exam, cooking,washing machine (I hate it) ,travelling…suddenly travelling to suburb (home sweet home) too in my hate list..

         Then there are times when the same me enjoys travelling so much that sitting at home more than a day or two and not hopping the bus?? ..then I miss the BMTC  500D/500A ,328 B,328 H,Carmelaram Railway gate that closes @ 7.30am and there rite in front  of the closed level cross we ( and hubby dear) playing the blame game of finding out  who’s late on that day for 1 min!!!, the silence of the volvo, the  FM 94.3,the maddness of the Blue bus …

      But in all these I realise that when you are busy  for real, You sincerely find time for everything you love to do..just like me….. mugging up books ( Thanx to flipkart), snake and ladder with eva, the “us” time,’ weekend movies in Movies now and UTV , shopping at Chickpet, lunch on sundays with pappa and mamma, gupshup on  “how rite we are “and “how wrong is the rest of the world!!!!”.

     But this what I like..and this is what Iam …living my ‘ful’ life….


for a ‘ful’ life…..

March 14, 2008

I always fumble with this title /subject while writing mail..even a blog…how can I tag what I have to write …well I always end up tagging my mail in  cliches…like hai..hello..hey…yes..that’s it .

I’m reading lot of motivation topics now a days to get motivated…well..I get motivated…but taking tht first step…tht’s so difficult….so painful…I think its always painful to breakout from ur routine….yeah..tht’s what I am trying….I found out tht I am a squirrel by nature…not by action…tht’s what I want to be…..u read all these books about motivation,positive attitude….U’ll end up becoming squirrels..dogs…etc..anything other than human…!!!!Tht’s the way to a peaceful successful ..& all those ‘ful’ life…I never understood how successs and peace go hand in hand….???