Midlife crisis:She at 20s and He at 40s

So yes yes yes..I’ve started job hunting….. ….I AM trying so hard to shoot at  the rite spot……but still …Mamma says u r not shooting the rite target…as she wants me to focus on a rabbit/squirrel…but what to do…. my target is a definite lion..

the job of my dreams…screw the dream…this job will definitely give me a heavy wallet…Since I am  deviating from my title..let me tell u..I am facing a midlife crisis…don’t wonder I am just 27….and midlife crisis so early….yup….since my eva is 1year and 9 mths..she’and will  be joining play school soon, .I started my job hunt.

As soon a consultant look my profile the first question is

 1 ]when did u pass out..?

2]  what ‘s ur experience?

And then comes the obvious question …


3] what were u doing for past two years..?

My ans:I was taking care of my child….




4] can u join back..u have a child….he looks as if it’s the biggest mistake

I don’t know from his look whether its having the child or leaving the child at playschool ..which gives the ????????????  look…Some even want to know the play school time….!!!!!


Well…does he ask the same question to a 27 year old male [Read married]…Men never take maternity break…oops I forgot !!


So this is the reason why women reach midlife crisis at 20s and men at 40s[reason unknown].


One Response to “Midlife crisis:She at 20s and He at 40s”

  1. usha Says:

    hehe.. gud ‘un!

    but know wot, more than the mid-life crisis, its the ‘woman’ part which draws the question marks.. so, take for granted that if you were 27 and still single, the question you would have been facing is: ‘marriage must be on the cards, right? so, will you just leave the job and fly off to US or something soon?’ really! no kidding! i’ve faced that one!

    i had blogged about something on those lines, sometime back.. you can find it here: http://ushadhanraj.blogspot.com/2007/09/in-line-of-fire.html

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