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U have changed… I?

April 26, 2008

Here I am back home [home sweet home]after two months and 20 days vaccation in US…enjoying being busy ..and fighting jet lag…Everything was going fine, then we[me,my hubby]heard the expected underestimated statement “U HAVE CHANGED”.2 months and 20 days vaccation..can that change any one.?..No country can do that much magic…here I was back with the statement “grass is greener on this side”…but may be that is  not what anyone expected…they expect us to change…go ga ga over US…Sorry that we couldnot meet ur expectations…and not changed !!!! still labelled U have changed…


The Google

April 2, 2008

My lil’ Eva is putting a lot of  effort in improvising her ‘Climbing’ skills… its  a chain reaction..she starts climbing on the chair..from there to the next and finally she reaches  the table…in few moments we see her on top of the table….smiling …she’s conquered her lil’ EVEREST……So…today ..she thought of adding a new feather to her cap..or…  a  NEW STONE [definitely diamond ]to her winning CROWN…See…she belong to the generation of all kinds of CROWNs…Miss Trichur..Miss India ..Miss world..Miss universe…may be a ..Miss Mars…..!!!!!   ..this is that  one stone … my lil’ ones First Google Experience…WEB Images News Orkut Groups Gmail more


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©2008 GoogleNote: laptop on the highest point of her EVEREST and her dear mamma in the kitchen…!!!