Q & A

So…today ‘s Palm sunday…My first ever palm sunday in US..unfortunately we reached late at the church..A friendly smiling face guided us to the stairs and told us to take the seats upstairs…what he meant is…’.U latecomers ,dont try to take the front seat and disturb the whole church..!!!!! ”  So I missed the palm leaf distribution….[is there any technical name  for tht ceremony..? ]I missed my chance of getting the leaf ..that too in US..!!!!big deal…. it’s a big deal for me …as I had many questions waiting for answers…

 Some of my questions were answered which are AS FOllOWS:

1]Physiology of Palm leaf?

palm leaf looked same as what we see in trichur.,aluva,bangalore..so…no more questions regarding the “Physiology of Palm leaf” in US…screw my Botany classses…

2]What do people do with it during the mass?

even in this high tech country, people do the same art works with their palm leaf’s during the mass..Ola medayal….ola madakkal….kurishundakkal [sorry for poor english vocabulary]…and poking other’s face….or the leaves resting on the bench…so that doubt too cleared…

3]whether I have chance to get one ?yup… the palm leaf….come on guys…its human……… when u cant ..u wish more…and its free…!!!

there comes the third ans:In US too, people dont forget to take their leaves back home…

I felt very bad…But I trusted my core instinct[thanx to Martha Beck]….I came down the stairs….there on the bench there’s a Bundle of Palm leaves….I’ve never ever felt this much excitement and happiness to get a palm leaf  in my life …


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