for a ‘ful’ life…..

I always fumble with this title /subject while writing mail..even a blog…how can I tag what I have to write …well I always end up tagging my mail in  cliches…like hai..hello..hey…yes..that’s it .

I’m reading lot of motivation topics now a days to get motivated…well..I get motivated…but taking tht first step…tht’s so difficult….so painful…I think its always painful to breakout from ur routine….yeah..tht’s what I am trying….I found out tht I am a squirrel by nature…not by action…tht’s what I want to be…..u read all these books about motivation,positive attitude….U’ll end up becoming squirrels..dogs…etc..anything other than human…!!!!Tht’s the way to a peaceful successful ..& all those ‘ful’ life…I never understood how successs and peace go hand in hand….???


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