Living my ‘ful’ life

March 25, 2012

         Suddenly I have become so busy,busy by all means . My research, publications,course work,concept note, Eva’s exam, cooking,washing machine (I hate it) ,travelling…suddenly travelling to suburb (home sweet home) too in my hate list..

         Then there are times when the same me enjoys travelling so much that sitting at home more than a day or two and not hopping the bus?? ..then I miss the BMTC  500D/500A ,328 B,328 H,Carmelaram Railway gate that closes @ 7.30am and there rite in front  of the closed level cross we ( and hubby dear) playing the blame game of finding out  who’s late on that day for 1 min!!!, the silence of the volvo, the  FM 94.3,the maddness of the Blue bus …

      But in all these I realise that when you are busy  for real, You sincerely find time for everything you love to do..just like me….. mugging up books ( Thanx to flipkart), snake and ladder with eva, the “us” time,’ weekend movies in Movies now and UTV , shopping at Chickpet, lunch on sundays with pappa and mamma, gupshup on  “how rite we are “and “how wrong is the rest of the world!!!!”.

     But this what I like..and this is what Iam …living my ‘ful’ life….


Midlife crisis:She at 20s and He at 40s

June 30, 2008

So yes yes yes..I’ve started job hunting….. ….I AM trying so hard to shoot at  the rite spot……but still …Mamma says u r not shooting the rite target…as she wants me to focus on a rabbit/squirrel…but what to do…. my target is a definite lion..

the job of my dreams…screw the dream…this job will definitely give me a heavy wallet…Since I am  deviating from my title..let me tell u..I am facing a midlife crisis…don’t wonder I am just 27….and midlife crisis so early….yup….since my eva is 1year and 9 mths..she’and will  be joining play school soon, .I started my job hunt.

As soon a consultant look my profile the first question is

 1 ]when did u pass out..?

2]  what ‘s ur experience?

And then comes the obvious question …


3] what were u doing for past two years..?

My ans:I was taking care of my child….




4] can u join back..u have a child….he looks as if it’s the biggest mistake

I don’t know from his look whether its having the child or leaving the child at playschool ..which gives the ????????????  look…Some even want to know the play school time….!!!!!


Well…does he ask the same question to a 27 year old male [Read married]…Men never take maternity break…oops I forgot !!


So this is the reason why women reach midlife crisis at 20s and men at 40s[reason unknown].

U have changed… I?

April 26, 2008

Here I am back home [home sweet home]after two months and 20 days vaccation in US…enjoying being busy ..and fighting jet lag…Everything was going fine, then we[me,my hubby]heard the expected underestimated statement “U HAVE CHANGED”.2 months and 20 days vaccation..can that change any one.?..No country can do that much magic…here I was back with the statement “grass is greener on this side”…but may be that is  not what anyone expected…they expect us to change…go ga ga over US…Sorry that we couldnot meet ur expectations…and not changed !!!! still labelled U have changed…

The Google

April 2, 2008

My lil’ Eva is putting a lot of  effort in improvising her ‘Climbing’ skills… its  a chain reaction..she starts climbing on the chair..from there to the next and finally she reaches  the table…in few moments we see her on top of the table….smiling …she’s conquered her lil’ EVEREST……So…today ..she thought of adding a new feather to her cap..or…  a  NEW STONE [definitely diamond ]to her winning CROWN…See…she belong to the generation of all kinds of CROWNs…Miss Trichur..Miss India ..Miss world..Miss universe…may be a ..Miss Mars…..!!!!!   ..this is that  one stone … my lil’ ones First Google Experience…WEB Images News Orkut Groups Gmail more


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©2008 GoogleNote: laptop on the highest point of her EVEREST and her dear mamma in the kitchen…!!!    

Q & A

March 17, 2008

So…today ‘s Palm sunday…My first ever palm sunday in US..unfortunately we reached late at the church..A friendly smiling face guided us to the stairs and told us to take the seats upstairs…what he meant is…’.U latecomers ,dont try to take the front seat and disturb the whole church..!!!!! ”  So I missed the palm leaf distribution….[is there any technical name  for tht ceremony..? ]I missed my chance of getting the leaf ..that too in US..!!!!big deal…. it’s a big deal for me …as I had many questions waiting for answers…

 Some of my questions were answered which are AS FOllOWS:

1]Physiology of Palm leaf?

palm leaf looked same as what we see in trichur.,aluva,…no more questions regarding the “Physiology of Palm leaf” in US…screw my Botany classses…

2]What do people do with it during the mass?

even in this high tech country, people do the same art works with their palm leaf’s during the mass..Ola medayal….ola madakkal….kurishundakkal [sorry for poor english vocabulary]…and poking other’s face….or the leaves resting on the bench…so that doubt too cleared…

3]whether I have chance to get one ?yup… the palm leaf….come on guys…its human……… when u cant ..u wish more…and its free…!!!

there comes the third ans:In US too, people dont forget to take their leaves back home…

I felt very bad…But I trusted my core instinct[thanx to Martha Beck]….I came down the stairs….there on the bench there’s a Bundle of Palm leaves….I’ve never ever felt this much excitement and happiness to get a palm leaf  in my life …

for a ‘ful’ life…..

March 14, 2008

I always fumble with this title /subject while writing mail..even a blog…how can I tag what I have to write …well I always end up tagging my mail in  cliches…like hai..hello..hey…yes..that’s it .

I’m reading lot of motivation topics now a days to get motivated…well..I get motivated…but taking tht first step…tht’s so difficult….so painful…I think its always painful to breakout from ur routine….yeah..tht’s what I am trying….I found out tht I am a squirrel by nature…not by action…tht’s what I want to be…..u read all these books about motivation,positive attitude….U’ll end up becoming squirrels..dogs…etc..anything other than human…!!!!Tht’s the way to a peaceful successful ..& all those ‘ful’ life…I never understood how successs and peace go hand in hand….???